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Metal Nit & Lice Comb

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Introducing the most technologically advanced and easy to use lice comb in the market today. You will no longer have to subject your family to chemical or pesticides found in lice shampoo or other lice treatments for head lice removal.

Simple and user-friendly, The Natuerlabs Lice Removal Comb is a reusable and allergy-free head lice comb for both children and adults. This gentle, yet effective, treatment is safe for home use and eliminates both head lice and their eggs (nits) without the need for harmful chemicals or special lice shampoos.

While other treatments for head lice, like chemical shampoos and electric zapping combs, are more dangerous for young children and harsh on the skin and scalp, the The Natuerlabs Lice Removal Comb uses its rounded, stainless steel-toothed comb and suction power to smoothly run across the scalp and gently lift lice and eggs.


The Natuerlabs Lice Removal Comb is very effective in detection and elimination at any stage of infestation. A regular home check up with the Natuerlabs head lice comb can put you at ease.

Works Very Well Against Super Lice.

The current epidemic of super lice (lice that have become immune to common chemical treatments) are being found throughout the United States and have developed immunities to typical lice treatment kits and lice shampoo. Use this head lice comb to eradicate super lice!

Solutions From Our Family To Yours

We’re so confident that The Natuerlabs Lice Removal will work for you and your family and we stand behind it with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If for any reason you are unsatisfied, let us know and we will issue you a full refund!

Don’t panic – Being lice free is just a click away!

Product Features

  • DON'T LET NITS LINGER Lice comb grips nits, larvae and adult lice and lifts them away to prevent re-infestation and successfully treat lice
  • MOST EFFECTIVE METAL LICE COMB ON THE MARKET With stripes going in both directions along each stainless steel tooth, this head lice comb can capture more nits and lice to help you clear up infestations in record time
  • MORE TEETH FOR FASTER TREATMENT Metal lice comb has 33 closely positioned pins, more than most competitors! This makes treatment more effective and allows you to comb larger sections of hair to speed up treatment
  • TOUGH ON LICE, EASY ON YOUR TRESSES Head lice comb won't damage even the finest, most delicate hair. Painless lice comb design is great for kids & adults alike
  • EASY TO CLEAN Nonporous stainless steel gives lice and nits no place to hide! Just place in boiling water for 30 seconds, let it cool to room temperature and rinse to get the comb ready for next time

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How to use Metal Lice Comb

  1. Detangle hair with a regular comb before using Natuerlabs Nit and Lice Comb
  2. Part hair and work on each section one at a time.
  3. Clean comb thoroughly after use. Dispose of collected nits and lice in a resealable plastic bag.