What Type Of Facial Hair Remover That Safe To Sensitive Skin?

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:25:01-06:00 Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Or allergic to other materials used in facial hair remover? Are you looking for other alternatives that can help you remove your facial hair? Among the women, it is uncomfortable to make people see a hair in our face like in our upper lip, cheeks and eyebrow. […]

How To Clean A Dry Brush

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:26:34-06:00 TIPS ON HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR DRY BRUSH We will give you a simple tips on how to clean your dry brush. Cleaning your brush after using it will prolong the brush life, optimize brush performance and most importantly to reduce the risk of bacterial infections in your skin. Simply spray […]

Where Are The Bristles Of Detachable Bath Brush Made Of?

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:28:42-06:00 What is Boar Bristle Brush? It is a personal hygiene and styling tool made with hog hairs. One might have the label of “wild boar,” but this simply refers to the distinct hog species involved, as most companies harvest the hairs from domesticated or farm-raised animals. The boar hair has many uses because […]

Can the same brush be used in shower and also as dry brush or do you need two brushes?

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:32:18-06:00 This brush has many benefits, it can help you to improve your skin quality. You can use it when wet or dry, no need to use two brushes. It’s great for wet or dry bruscellulite massager, detox, exfoliating, improves your blood circulation and makes your skin smooth.   VISIT these LINKS!!! https://origini.biz/collections/personal-care-products  https://twitter.com/originibiz https://web.facebook.com/brusybrush/ https://web.facebook.com/originibiz/ […]

How Do You Get It To Work? I’m Not Having Much Success With Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:39:04-06:00 A simple concept and solution to help you remove your unwanted facial hair, introducing facial hair remover threading tool in 2 easy steps. 1.Bent the coil into an upside down U-shape and place on your skin 2. Slowly turn handles outward then roll up slowly to remove any unwanted hair. With this […]

Can I Use In Bikini Lines The Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool ?

Bhushan Mahajan 2016-06-09T07:40:48-06:00   We designed this spring hair removal tool specifically for use on the face, not on the body. Hair on the bikini line is generally too thick and coarse to be removed with the gauge of the spring. For best results, use the hair removal tool on your upper lip, chin, cheeks, […]

What is the full list of ingredients of Natural Leave in Conditioner Spray Hair Products (Luxquisite)

sean wilson 2016-06-09T07:41:58-06:00 Are you exposed under the sun or dry air that can dry and damage your hair because you spend a lot of time outdoors for work and leisure? Or your hair are damaged because of different chemicals you are putting in your hair? Or you’re hair is damaged because of different hair […]