The benefit of dry brushing

liani widjaja 2016-01-25T10:08:49-06:00 Dry Body Brushing has once again started to attract attention from those desiring a natural way to improve their skins quality, and appearance. It is a quick simple process, which one can do before a bath or shower. Starting at the feet and hands long overlapping strokes are made working towards the […]

What’s with Loofahs Anyway?

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:37:56-06:00 What’s with loofahs anyway? Loofahs are great must-haves. Spice up your day with some extra bath massage and exfoliation needed to keep your body and skin healthy. Just bathe with these goodies and you’ll surely keep the stress and worries at bay! There are a lot of loofahs out there, made of […]

Temporary Tattoo vs. Permanent Tattoo

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:44:19-06:00 Sure. You’ll always be amazed by tattoos. But the thing is, you’re scared of committing to having these intricate eye candies on your skin F-O-R-E-V-E-R! You just have a million excuses why you can’t commit to permanently staining your skin. But like many, you still go bananas over them. There’s simply no […]

Unwanted hair? Not a problem.

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:48:16-06:00 We’ve all experience unwanted hair. Tried razors, shaving creams, name every old-school trick! We got so familiar with these remedies yet still seek for better alternatives. Good news! Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer finally knocks on your doorstep. If you can`t help but to look at that bunch of […]

For Dry Brushing: How to Clean Brusybrushes

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:49:59-06:00 Note that anything—anything moist—is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and the like. That’s why dry brushes and loofahs foster a haven for opportunistic germs. Constant contact with moisture leaves us unsure if we’re slathering germs on skin instead of getting rid of them. Counterproductive bath? Yes. What to do? Follow these […]

How to Get Rid of Hair Lice? Easy. Just Follow These Steps

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:53:31-06:00 Head lice are a common problem among kids and adults. It is a problem that is more likely to bring discomfort than embarrassment. If you or your kids have lice, you would notice an itch-relief cycle after three to six months of infestation. Your head could feel itchy at times and you […]

6 Reasons Why NOW is a Good Time for Scrubbing!

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T06:56:35-06:00 Why do men and women enjoy scrubbing? There’s no exact answer and it’s more than a feeling actually. Below are some legit reasons WHY EXFOLIATING IS GOOD . 1. You are not dead. Scrub off the dead skin. Eeeew, right? But if you think the worst scene is flaking skin? No. The worst is not shedding […]

Yellow Teeth? 3 HOW-TOs To Get Rid of Your Teeth Stains

jonah chaangan 2016-06-09T07:03:11-06:00 You’re so pleased to see yourself in the mirror—until you smile. Your teeth are getting as yellow as your favorite summer shirt. You sleep on it, pretending this doesn’t bother you. Then, you’re faced with the same concern months and years after. It’s a vicious cycle for MANY. How do we get […]